Stop RSE was set up in 2018 as a resource for parents and carers in the UK to inform and support families concerned about the mandatory introduction of Relationship Education and Relationship & Sex Education into all schools across England from September 2020. 

However, Stop RSE acknowledges that the wellbeing and protection of children is a concern of people worldwide. It is therefore our hope and aim that this site will provide information and support to anyone concerned about the compulsory introduction of RE/RSE in the UK as well similar programmes around the world.

Stop RSE’s position is based on the belief that that it is a parent’s duty and right to educate their child in line with their belief, faith and morals and that this, by necessity, includes the subject of ‘sex education’.

Whilst we recognise that there may be aspects of RSE that are beneficial for children to learn, we do not assume that teachers are the best placed individuals to impart this knowledge, however well-meaning they may be. We believe the right to decide who, how and when a child receives relationship and sex education must lie with the parent.

In particular, it is the teaching of of secular liberal sexual ideologies, to the youngest of children and against their parents wishes, in schools, that Stop RSE opposes and aims to challenge.


To campaign for and champion the rights of parents to withdraw their children from Relationship Ed/RSE.

To inform people on the current situation regarding the compulsory introduction of Relationship Ed/RSE into UK schools and inform parents of their rights.

To create awareness of the underlying ideologies and international movement behind the compulsory introduction of sexuality education into schools worldwide.

To provide support and advice to parents/carers/communities regarding any aspect of Relationship Ed/RSE. 

To help communities think about and develop short term and long term solutions to the problems that will be created by the compulsory introduction of Relationship Ed/RSE.

To work with other individuals or communities who share the same concerns as Stop RSE, where such cooperation is likely to enhance and achieve the above aims.