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International Planned Parenthood

IPPF is currently the main player behind sex education in schools globally. They are also the largest abortion organisation in the world. IPPF currently operate in 170 countries worldwide  In the UK their foothold is the sexual health charity called the Family Planning Association (FPA). The FPA produce a wide variety of resources for sexuality education in British schools. They are linked to the NHS, who consults with them on matters of sexual health and reproductive matters.

An IPPF report claims that the EU is the largest donor to international development and champions reproductive and sexual health and rights. The IPPF European networks leads efforts to ensure sex/reproductive health remains at the heart of EU development policy. IPPF argue that the sexual rights of the youth should not be limited by law or social or religious norms.

The IPPF also target economically deprived countries selling static and mobile clinics as well as community projects. They present as an agency helping Africa plan its population through an educational initiative that emphasises not having children.

They operate worldwide and have direct influence over the UN through providing key advisors.


IPPF Framework for CSE

The IPPF have published a framework for delivering CSE globally. There are 7 essential components to their content and methods:

  • Gender: difference between gender and sex, gender bias, stereotypes and inequality
  • Sex and reproductive health and HIV: how to use condoms; other contraceptives, legal and safe abortion
  • Sexual rights and ‘sexual citizenship’: rights-based approach to S&R health (SRH); available services/resources and access to them; different sexual identities; advocacy, choice, protection; the right to freely express and explore one’s sexuality in safe, healthy and pleasurable way
  • Pleasure: positive about young people’s sexuality, gender and pleasure, masturbation, love, lust, relationships, sexual diversity, first sex experience, stigma associated with pleasure
  • Exploring violence
  • Diversity: recognising discrimination, supporting young people to move beyond tolerance
  • Different relationships: eg family, friends, sexual, romantic


It’s All One

 “It’s All One” is a school sexuality educational curriculum produced by IPPF. It claims to be evidence-based, comprehensive, based on human rights, gender sensitive and culturally appropriate. IPPF argue that it aims to increase a young person’s ability to make responsible decisions and act on their own choices. They claim their aim is to reduce pregnancy and STDs.

However IPPF’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) ‘It’s All One’ curriculum promotes abortion, sexual pleasure and experimentation in the guise of  human rights and gender, sexual and reproductive health education. Despite this the ‘It’s All One’ curriculum is in high demand with requests from 150 countries including the UK.

According to the website StopCSE.org the motive behind CSE and their promotion of sexual promiscuity of children is financial as:


  • Getting children addicted to sex is a multi-billion dollar business for Planned Parenthood/IPPF and other similar organisations
  • Children are ‘prospects’ once sexualised and become Planned Parenthood (PP) customers’ dependant on their services. The youth are then transformed into advocates and educators in order to recruit other young people who in turn become further customers of PP.


The services they provide include sexual and reproductive health counselling; contraceptive counselling; emergency contraception; abortion services; STD and HIV treatment and counselling and transgender hormone services.


IPPF lobby government and the UN for millions of dollars annually to fund their multiple services and programmes including comprehensive sexuality education, with the top executives being on 6 figures salaries. Most governments are unaware of their true sexual agenda however, and amidst concerns, the US Congress has started to look into IPPF.


‘Healthy, Happy and Hot’

Healthy Happy and Hot is a handout produced by IPPF for young people, that was introduced at a UN meeting with the message that sexual rights are human rights. It promotes masturbation, same-sex relationships and pleasure etc. even if one is drunk! It also asserts that if you are HIV positive it is your right whether to disclose this to your sexual partner or not. It encourages wide variety of sexual practices saying nothing is wrong or right.