The United Nations & International Guidance on Sexuality Education

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) alongside other UN agencies including UNICEF, UNFPA and WHO uphold the rights for children to receive education in how to receive sexual pleasure and experiment sexually amongst other things.

UNESCO have produced a newly revised publication (backed by UNICEF) detailing guidelines for global sexuality education, called the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education. The 2018 publication is the 3rd version of the original 2009 edition which caused outcry and controversy due to its explicit demands. Whilst the revised versions have been successively ‘toned’ down the agenda has not changed and in the 2018 version there is an increased focus on teaching children about gender identity and diverse sexual orientations.

This publication aims to ensure all children in schools worldwide are taught about sexuality education which is promoted under the banner of preventing unwanted pregnancies, abusive sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.

The revised 2018 version of these guidelines can be downloaded in full by clicking on the relevant image below. Also below is an excerpt produced by Family Watch International that provides a useful summary of the most concerning aspects of CSE. The original 2009 document can also be viewed below. 

In all 3 versions of this document the learning objectives promote the youngest of children to adopt a mindset of pleasure-seeking sexual rights whilst parental authority is undermined and cultural and religious values denigrated.

International technical guidance on sexuality education (2018)

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annotated excerpts by FWI on most concerning aspects of the 2018 guidance

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international guidelines on sexulaity education (2009)

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