John Money (1921-2006)

Money was a New Zealand psychiatrist who emigrated to the US and practiced at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He played a key role in developing Gender Theory and in promoting the free choice of one’s gender.

Money claimed that our sexual identity if formed by ‘nurture’ not by ‘nature’’ and that it is how you are raised and conditioned that determines your sexuality, not your biological condition. So if someone was born as a boy but raised as a girl, they would turn into a girl (as long as they were not told they were a biological boy).

Money is responsible for redefining the word ‘gender’ and converting it from its grammatical sense to instead mean the internal subjective feeling about one’s sexuality in one’s mind , and this he asserts, does not need to correlate to, or be restricted to, one’s body or biological sex.

Based on his belief’s, Money infamously and unethically carried out an experiment on two twin baby boys, that ended in tragic consequence. A documentary on this case can be watched below.

Money is also accredited with opening the first sex change clinic in the 1960s known as the Gender Identity Clinic. He also advocated group sex and bi-sexuality and promoted ‘fxxxing games’ for children and classified extreme sexual perversions as ‘paraphilias’ or merely differing preferences.

However, his theory that gender is socially conditioned attracted many supporters. More recently Gender Theory has fused with the post-modernism thought of Foucault, Lacan and Derrida.

The video below documents the tragic case and highly unethical research of John Money regarding the unwitting transgender reassignment of David Reimer.


Photo lgc/CC