Sexualising & Causing Harm to Children

Whilst the government has recommended RSE resources should be age appropriate; this is of little to concern to many of the organisations producing RSE resources or indeed the schools that choose to use them.

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Pushing of Politicised Agendas into the Classroom

There are widespread concerns that the mandatory introduction of RE/RSE into all schools across England, from September 2020, and Wales from 2022, will be used by politicised sex education lobby groups and organisations to promote their controversial secular liberal sexual beliefs to the youngest of children. 

As schools are free to determine how they teach RSE and which resources to use, these lobby groups and organisations are being provided with an open door to push their agendas into the classroom to the youngest of children who have no means of critical defence.

Promoting ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’

StopRSE believes that RSE will be used to further push and promote a larger international move, backed by international bodies such as the United Nations , World Health Organisation and by organisations such as the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, to get Compulsory Sexuality Education into all schools worldwide by 2030. Their agenda is not to educate children in the biological aspects of reproduction but to teach children from a young age that they are sexual beings and have the right to act on their sexual urges with who, what and when they like.

Undermining the Role of the Parent

As witnessed by the removal of the parental right to withdraw their children from these lessons, there is a state-takeover of the parenting role and a concerted effort to undermine parental and religious authority by making school teachers (or external ‘experts’) the primary educator of children in all matters of sexuality education, as it has been redefined.

Click here to watch the debate in 2019 in Parliament following the petition arguing for parents to retain the right to withdraw their child from RSE