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What is RE, RSE, SRE?

RE refers to Relationship Education and will become a mandatory part of the school curriculum in all primary schools across

What will they teach?

The legislation is currently vague about what will be taught in ‘Relationship Education’ in primary schools. The Department of Education

What are my parental rights?

You do not have the right to withdraw your child from Relationship Education in primary schools. If primary schools teach ‘sex’ education

What they won’t teach!

Whilst we are waiting for the finalised guidelines from the UK government on what RE/RSE will have to include as a statutory minimum

Who or what is behind it?

There are widespread concerns that the mandatory introduction of RE/RSE into all schools across England from September 2020

What is CSE?

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is a sexual rights based initiative that aims to implement its teachings into all schools

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The Need to Take Action

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RSE UK: What is it likely to look like?

When the government publish their finalised guidelines for RE/RSE, it will only refer to the legal minimum that schools are required to

How Do I Make Sense of the SRE/RSE Policy?

Once you have your child’s school SRE/RSE policy you will need to read through it and identify any areas of concern that you wish to enquire further

Parent RSE Lobby Groups & Questions to Ask the School

Parents need to know their rights and in the draft guidelines for RE/RSE the government have placed a lot of emphasis on

Back 2 School: 12 Tips for Parents Regarding RSE Topics

As children return or are already back at school parents may well be simultaneously breathing a sigh of relief but also experiencing a

Could I, Should I, Home Educate My Child?

Currently in the UK the law allows parents to home educate or home school their child at any age. The law is not prescriptive