Engaging With Your School About RSE

It is important to approach your child’s school in a proactive manner in order to find out what your child is learning but also

Write to Your School

Amend this letter as you wish to write to your school highlighting your concerns regarding RE/RSE and ask to be kept informed at all stages

Withdrawal Letter

Parents have the legal right to withdraw their child from all Relationship Education/RSE lessons until 1st September 2020. After this

Know Your Rights!

You do not have the right to withdraw your child from Relationship Education in primary schools. If primary schools teach ‘sex’ education

StopRSE Info Leaflet

RSE: What you need to know leaflet – free to download, share, print and distribute

How to Speak to Your School

Download a guide on steps you can take on how to engage with and speak to your school about RSE.

What is CSE?

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is a sexual rights based initiative that aims to implement its teachings into all schools

Who or what is behind it?

There are widespread concerns that the mandatory introduction of RE/RSE into all schools across England from September 2020

Could I, Should I, Home Educate My Child?

Currently in the UK the law allows parents to home educate or home school their child at any age. The law is not prescriptive

PETITION: 100K Sigs REACHED! Debate 25th Feb

The parents RSE opt out petition has reached 100k and will be debated in Parliament on 25th February at 4.30pm. What can you do

3 Click Email To Your Local MP

This is a link to a very quick and easy 3 click process to send an email to your local MP. It only takes a few seconds and a template email

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